Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Talk

So, I know that I haven't really been updating you on the specifics of life in highschool....that's because there really is no life in highschool, but that is not the point. I'm here to talk about what is really going on in my mind at this moment in time, and it is not about the latest 'Twilight' movie.
....But it is about books.

Ok, deep breath. Plunge in.

The books that are being placed upon the shelves of the local bookstores, libraries, and other literary inclined facilities leaves a lot to be desired when a person is looking for something in which they can actual read, not just skim over the pages, owwing and ahhing at what the vampire boy did this time, or if the werewolf man is sleeping with the ugly human girl....whatever happened to books that made America, as a whole, think?

What made the United States teens begin really caring who was sleeping with who, or what, or why?

When did we all stop caring about the devotion an author puts into their craft, and instead start caring about whether the two teenagers are sleeping together yet, and why they aren't using any type of protection?

What they are offering the teens of today is garbage! They expect us all to be these hormone driven sex fiends, and with what society is giving us, we might as well just start copulating like rabbits in order to fulfill their want of teenage pregnancies.

What the authors writing these books don't realize is that they are causing children to remain isolated in their safe haven of sex, drugs, and violence, instead of moving toward something that could, ultimately, enrich the lives of people in this generation and the next.

What society seems to lack is that we, as teenagers, are learning from the examples that are placed before us, and what you, the adults, are feeding us is stunting our growth as human beings. We can't function properly anymore because you've given us nothing to really work with, nothing that we can learn from. You feed us the worst that society can offer, and expect us to work with what we are given. But, we can't. We can't work with stupidity, we can't make something out of nothing. You feed us words and works that make us stupid, that make us believe that it is all right to be left behind all the other countries in the world.

That's what you are saying to us when you allow stupidity to mark the aisle of the bookstores, to choke the actual good authors from being able to say their thoughts because we are too busy trying to see past the huge cardboard cutouts of Edward, and Bella, and Jacob, to see what has been blinding us.

Stop it, you're making us stupid.

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