Monday, August 2, 2010

So, after my rant about the literary world making the human population stupid, I stewed in my misery, but while i did so I was knitting something, or had already knit something to share with you.

It's yarn.

This skein, which I love, is like a sample from a company that a friend of mine is talking to. The yarn itself is uber delicious to knit with. It's light, and airy, and the actual knit fabric is very pretty and keeps with the whole lovely greyness.

So, I have only one skein of this yarn, and I was tempted to knit the tuva hat, but i wasn't sure i had enough to make the hat big enough to fit my really big head(Which is another story). So i decided to make something that was easily controllable, at least to the point were i could stop where i needed to.

So I made this.

That's a very blurry picture of the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West.

The photo is really blurry, but hopefully I'll find the scarf again and retake pictures of it. But the pattern was amazingly simple, which made me uber happy, and the whole thing was just fun to do.

That's really it, more to come about my other projects that are worth while.

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