Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hate it

Though there are a number of things that go on my hate list, my in-progress sweater goes to the second on my list right after a really large ignoramous that attends my school, who is loud, abnoxious, and clingy. How people tolerate him,the endless sea of my thoughts cannot wrap itself around the idea of this boy having friends. Anyway, back to more important things. The sweater is a beastly thing. It's teal. It makes me want to cry with how horrible it looks. On the back the stitches are wonky, the edges curl, the color doesn't like me and I hate it.

But I will keep at it because it is my first sweater, and I won't have it just sitting there being unwanted in a goodwill, wanting a good home who will love its ugliness.

I'm going to love it, and make it beautiful, even if it is only to me. I'm modifying the pattern and making it into a vest, hopefully that will save my sweater, from here on called The Vest.

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