Friday, June 12, 2009

Teaching Army Strong

Yesterday afternoon was spent in my house, with my older sister's boyfriend, named Army Strong. He is an army reserve, and of course one of the strangest most dorkiest, funny guy that you will every meet. Really he is a sweet guy that doesn't mind spending time with us with out the sister here to watch him.

So he was sitting in my living room with us, watching Deadly Women, a really good show if you love hearing about why women kill, and their methods, but I digress. Anyway, Army Strong was watching as me and sister, p.s.ilovewool, were knitting, and he just kept on watching us. He had asked us some questions about knitting him a cashmere onsie, which of course was laughable, but we weren't really sure what he wanted. Finally, we got tired of his questions, and asked if he would have like to learn. The evidence:

He actually took up the knit stitch quite easily, making him one of the fastest learners we had taught to date. He was a little confused when p.s.ilovewool, was teaching him, because she knits right handed when she is left handed, and it looks weird, and stuff like that. Don't tell her, but her loopy cast-on sucks, it's too loose for new knitters that don't have their tension down yet, especially the first day.

Anyway, we left him to drop off Jess at her job, and when we came back, he had a good inch or so on that little swatch of pink acryillic, it was funny.

On to more knitty knit things. I finished the first hat of the summer;

It's a Thorpe, the pattern is by Kristen Kapur, it is beautiful, and I love it! It's made with Kureyon and knit on US 9. It was really a fast knit and was really great fun. I finished it in two or so days, and decided against the ties. It's a personal preference, and all that jazz. It's also for my bro-bro, Matt, and i hope he likes it. I'm kinda hoping I can get him to take some pictures and will upload them on the blog and on Ravelry. The pattern can be found here in pdf, format. It's a really nicely written pattern that I only had a little trouble understanding at the end, when it was explaining how to do the earflaps:

"Next row (RS): Slip1, ssk, knit 10(11,12), place these 12(13,14) stitches on a
, bind off 12(14,18), knit to 3 stitches from the end, k2tog, k1. 12 (13,
14) stitches remain on the needle."

I was confused when it came to the highlighted part, but I went back and reread that section, and realized that I was a bit of an idiot. But it is an easily understood pattern and it was great fun to knit. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to knit a hat that is sooo much fun to knit. It's quick and easy and fun. Now, go and make one!

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