Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yarnie goodness!

I'm going to get yarn on Friday! If you can't tell, I am ever so slightly excited about going. I really haven't been out of my house in days, and I feel the cabin fever starting to permeate the air around me. I still have to figure out what kind of yarn I want to get, though it will probably involve something for a baby. One of my favorite teachers is el prego, and I want to make her something for baby Pickle, which he has been dubbed.
I was thinking about converting the shedir into a baby hat, but that it might take too long to actually create, and by that time he will most likely be walking. A pair of baby booties is a given, but I want to make something a bit more substancial, that he can wear into the coming months, and maybe even years. So if anyone out there has any ideas, feel fear to email or comment this post, I will be eternally grateful. :)

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